Getting your SSS information through instant message or text using your mobile phone is easy. Here’s how:

How to Register

Type SSS REG <SSNUMBER> <BDAYmm/dd/yyyy> and send to 2600
Ex. SSS REG 3375003981 10/26/1989

Upon successful registration, you will receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used when sending text-inquiries.

Keywords for Transactions

Text these keywords to 2600

  • To get a Payment Reference Number (PRN), key in: SSS PRN <SS Number> <PIN> <BDAYmm/dd/yyyy>

  • To inquire on Contributions, key in: SSS CONTRIB <SS Number> <PIN> <BDAYmm/dd/yyyy>

  • To inquire on Loan Balance, key in: SSS LOANBAL <SS Number> <PIN>

  • To inquire on Loan Status, key in: SSS LOANSTAT <SS Number> <PIN>

  • To retrieve PIN, key in: SSS RESET <SS Number> <BDAYmm/dd/yyyy>

  • To check Status of Claim, key in:
    • SSS STATUS Sickness <SS Number> <PIN>
    • SSS STATUS Maternity <SS Number> <PIN>
    • SSS STATUS ECMed <SS Number> <PIN>
    • SSS STATUS Retirement <SS Number> <PIN>
    • SSS STATUS Disability <SS Number> <PIN>
    • SSS STATUS Death <SS Number> <PIN>
    • SSS STATUS Funeral <SS Number> <PIN>

The following inquiries do not require Text-SSS registration.

  • To inquire on all Keywords used in Text-SSS, key in: SSS HELP

  • To know the nearest branch, key in: SSS BRANCH <city> or <postal code>

  • To inquire on Document Requirements for Benefit Claims, key in:
    • SSS DOC Sickness
    • SSS DOC Maternity
    • SSS DOC ECMed
    • SSS DOC Funeral
    • SSS DOC Retirement (For retirement at less than 65 years old)
    • SSS DOC Retirement Minor (For retirement with minor dependent)
    • SSS DOC Disability
    • SSS DOC Death

  • To inquire on Document Requirements for UMID, Membership, and Changes in Member’s Data, key in:
    • SSS ID
    • SSS OFW
    • SSS SELF
    • SSS VOL

  • To send feedback and concerns, key in:
    • SSS FEEDBACK <SS Number> <feedback/complaint/concern> Send to 2600.
      Example: SSS FEEDBACK 3312345678 CONTRI NOT POSTED
Service fee: P2.50 for Globe and Smart subscribers; P2.00 for Sun Cellular subscribers.

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