Iloilo Travel Requirements as of November 16, 2021
All Iloilo City Inbound TravelersIloilo City has an unrestricted travel policy per S-PaSS. Apply for a Travel Permit by providing your valid ID and the system will automatically approve your request. Know the following:

1. Upon arrival at the airport, seaports and other terminals, present this approved travel pass along with your vaccination card if you are fully vaccinated.
2. If your are unvaccinated or have only availed of your 1st dose of COVID 19 vaccine, present this approved travel pass along with your 72-hour negative RT-PCR test result (OPS/NPS).
3. If you are passing through other LGUs with restricted travel policy just present your approved Travel Pass-thru Permit from Iloilo City.

– Children aged 4 years old and below are not required to register via SPass and submit a negative RT PCR result prior to travel. No quarantine and swabbing upon arrival as well.
– All requirements shall be uploaded and saved in the traveler’s S-PaSS account which shall generate an S-PaSS QR Code once approved, that can be downloaded or printed to be presented upon entry.
– You may generate a Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP) here.
Protocols upon arrivalFor travelers who are not fully vaccinated:
They can have their quarantine at their home, hotel or government facility for 3 days. They shall undergo RT-PCR Testing on the 3rd day of the quarantine at Lapaz Plaza Gym.The 1st day of quarantine will start on the next day of arrival. Once tested negative, they can be released from quarantine.

For travelers who are fully vaccinated:
If fully vaccinated, no need to swab and quarantine upon arrival.
Travel to the Province from LGUs under Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 5 shall be PROHIBITED.

The following are allowed to enter the Province of Iloilo:
D. Returning Residents (coming from Aklan, Capiz, Antique, Negros Occidental, and Bacolod City)
APORs– Negative RT-PCR result NOT needed
– Travel order and travel itinerary (APORs from the national government agencies and other government offices/corporations) company or office travel order needed
– Company or office travel order needed
– Approved S-PASS (
Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)– Vaccination Certificate for fully vaccinated ( and/or shall be subject to the current RT-PCR test and quarantine procedures administered by the OWWA upon their arrival
– Approved S-PASS (
Returning Residents– Vaccination Certificate for fully vaccinated (
– Negative RT-PCR Test Result issued not earlier than seventy-two (72) hours for unvaccinated
– Valid ID showing proof of residence
– Notice of Coordination (NOC) with destination LGU
– Approved S-PASS (
– Residents of Iloilo City, Bacolod City, Guimaras, Capiz, Antique, Aklan and Negros Occidental crossing borders to Iloilo Province coming from their respective LGUs, shall not be subject to the health protocols and quarantine measures for non-residents.
Non-Residents– Vaccination Certificate for fully vaccinated (
– Negative RT-PCR Test Result issued not earlier than seventy-two (72) hours for unvaccinated
– Approved S-PASS (
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